Samsara-The Cosmic Tree


This tree has no beginning. It has no end. Nor is it rooted anywhere. It has no form that you can perceive. It is indestructible. A firm resolution to detach from all worldly connection,  becomes your weapon to extricate yourself from it.( Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15, 1-4)

The tree is upside down. This tree, Ashwattha (Ficus Religiosa), is a metaphor used in Bhagavad Gita to explain the meaning of life to a conflicted soul.

The verse you see by the branch on the top right, was the inspiration for the painting. Look closely and you will notice that the tree spans many realms. There are 14 mentioned in the ancient texts, with Earth in the middle. They are labeled on both sides of the painting in Sanskrit.

The roots are up in the realm of Truth and the branches spread all the way to the nether regions.







Tree begins to take shape. While in progress Day 3 shot.


Ashwattha menam SuvirUDha Moolam Asanga ShastreNa DhrudEna ChitvA


Urdhva MUlam Adhaha ShaKham Ashwattham PrAhuravyayam I ChandAmsi Yasya ParNAni Yastham VEdassa VEdavit


Atala Sutala Vitala Gabhastimat Nithala PAthala – The realms below the Earth.


Nearing completion – Hands of creation at Satya Lokam go in